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    Martine J. Goings
    7 min ago
    9.0 /10

    This movie is THE BEST MOVIE. I loved that movie so much that I want to see it again. The humor was... uh I shouldn't say it because it's a SPOILER, but I actually enjoyed it. I laughed every time the characters in the movie did something... Read more

  • R 1
    Jamar Lawson
    15 min ago
    8.0 /10

    I enjoyed this first and second times I saw it and that was enough. By then, the second film came out and I preferred that one over this. My only complaint about this movie was main character yakking incessantly. It gets on your nerves after... Read more

  • R 2
    Jamar Lawson
    20 min ago
    10.0 /10

    This film is amazing!

    Rr 2
    Leslie Malone
    15 min ago

    you have right!

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